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I create in my spare time as an astronomer astronomical time-lapse movies. I want to show the movements of the starry heavens. Since 1992 I already dealing with astronomy and since 1996 I am regularly traveling the world.

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  • Haleakala vulcano

  • Milky Way Day/night

  • Milky Way over the clouds

  • Roque de los Muchachos

  • Pico Birigoyo, La Palma

  • Ermitta Virgen del Pino

  • Milky Way at southern sky

  • Sunrise Allalin

  • Ayers Rock

  • Clouds over the Saastal

  • Gestationary Satelites

  • Gemini north telescope

  • Sunset

  • Twilight Swiss Mountains

  • Saddle Road Hawaii

  • Sunrise at Kauai

  • Mauna Kea and Saddle Road

  • La Palma under clouds

  • Twelve Apostle

  • Skyline Sydney

  • Milky Way to north

  • Haleakala moonset and sunrise

  • Total Sun Eclipse 2012 Australia

  • Sunset Mittelallalin, Swiss

  • A mountain in the swiss

  • Sunset at the Atlantic Ocean

  • Moonset at Grand Canyon

  • Moonset at rand Canyon

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