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  • Vienna Praterstern at night – pan

  • Underground Station Marienplatz, Munich

  • Underground Station "Muenchner Freiheit", Munich

  • Traffic Ringroad Munich

  • Traffic at Twilight

  • Traffic

  • Times Square New York City

  • Times Square New York

  • Time lapse sequence of a thunderstorm at airport

  • Subway Station Marienplatz

  • Subway Station "Muenchner Freiheit", Munich

  • Skyline Sydney

  • Ship on the see

  • Schwarzenbergplatz Vienna traffic – tracking shot

  • Roadwork on a highway time lapse 4k

  • Ring Road Traffic

  • Ring Road Munich

  • Ring Road Munich

  • Port of Hamburg 4k

  • Port of Hamburg

  • Port of Hamburg

  • Night Drive-Lapse

  • New York Traffic

  • New York Street

  • New York China Town

  • Narrow-gauge railroad time lapse

  • Munich Central Station

  • Munich Airport Landing Planes

  • Munich Airport - Planes Close Up

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