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  • Berlin skyline - day-night transition

  • Clouds Above The City

  • Tunis Vista, Tunisia

  • Vienna Donau City at Night – tilt

  • City view Vienna at night – zoom forward

  • Boat time lapse in Berlin

  • Mannheim Hyperlapse - Pigeons at the Dock

  • Barcelona Vista

  • Dresden Sunrise

  • Sunrise Vienna – tracking shot

  • Sphinx in the castle park Belvedere Vienna – tracking shot

  • Rostock Warnemuende panning Time lapse at night

  • DC TOWER Vienna at night – pan

  • Timelapse Paradeplatz ( parade square ) static

  • Christmas at Inner Alster in Hamburg

  • Thunderstorm with lightning strikes

  • Fountain in the park of the castle Schoenbrunn Vienn – tracking shot

  • Mannheim Hyperlapse 4K - Mannheim Palace sidewise from Dusk to Night

  • Historical inner city in the light of a full moon – Zoom

  • Fuente Mágica Barcelona

  • Old and new Vienna at night – tracking shot

  • Overlooking Graben Vienna – tracking shot

  • Hamburg Landungsbruecken Hyperlapse 4K

  • Hamburg Christmas Market Hyperlapse

  • Barcelona Park Guell

  • Tram time lapse in Dresden

  • Boston Moonrise Fullmoon

  • Hamburg Christmas Market Pan and Tilt Time Lapse

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